Several undergraduate research groups from CSUCI presented their research this year at the 251st ACS meeting in San Diego. Research projects conducted at the school focus on a variety of topics ranging from environmental chemistry, organic synthesis, analytical studies, materials science and instrumentation.

The American Chemical Society national meetings are the largest scientific conferences in the world. Besides serving as a platform to present their own scientific work, attending the meetings represents a chance for students to develop their professional network. Many young students make connections at ACS meetings that launch their scientific careers into industry or graduate school.

CSUCI research students and advisors.

From left to right: Chemistry Dean Simone Aloisio, Courtney Mayhew and Timothy Goodman
presenting a project measuring the levels of mercury in rice.
From left to right: Simone Aloisio, Samantha Freitag and Kylan Malloy. Research
concerned with measuring mercury  levels in commercial cigarettes was also credited to
Melissa J Soriano, not pictured.

From left to right: Cameron McLaughlin, Angel Torres, Aisling Williams and
Professor Brittnee Veldman, advisor. Research on self-assembling nanocomposite materials.